Gift Card and E-Card FAQ’s

What is a Legendary Whitetails E-Gift Card?

A: The E-Gift Card works just like a Gift Card but it is sent electronically to an e-mail address. You specify the recipient’s e-mail address and we send the electronic e-gift. The recipient can redeem the E-Gift Card online, or by phone at 800-875-9453.

Q: Do you sell Legendary Whitetails Gift Cards/E-Gift Cards online?

A: Yes. They are available in multiple set denominations up to $200.00. To purchase a gift card now click here.

Q: How do I check the balance of my Gift Card/E-Gift Card?

A: Card balances can be checked online 24 hours a day click here to check your balance or call 800-875-9453 to inquire about your balance.

Q: Do I have to pay shipping on Gift Card/E-Gift Cards?

A: E-Gifts are sent electronically so there are no shipping charges. Gift Cards ship for free unless an expedited delivery is selected which could incur additional charges.

Q: Can I replace a lost or stolen Gift Card/E-Gift Card?

A: Legendary Whitetails cannot be responsible for lost or stolen Gift Cards/E-Gift Cards.

Q: Do Gift Cards/E-Gift Cards have an expiration date?

A: If a purchase is for less than the amount of the Gift Card/E-Gift Card, the balance will stay on the card until it is used. Promotional Gift Cards may have an expiration date, check the back of your card for details.

Q: Can I use a discount code to purchase a Legendary Whitetails Gift Card/E-Gift Card?

A: Special offers and discounts cannot be applied to the purchase of a Gift Card/E-Gift Card. If you have other items on your order they will receive the discount but the discount will not be applied to the purchase of a Gift Card/E-Gift Card.